Enigma Signal Meter – Android

This is port of Enigma Signal Meter to Android platform.


Fast, small, simple and free application for Enigma 1 / Enigma 2 satellite receivers, build to help you align you satellite dish to perfection.


  • SUPPORTS ALL currently existing Enigma1 and Enigma2 receivers and images
  • same simple interface used for Enigma1 and Enigma2 boxes (originally they are quite different)
  • full background processing (running tasks will not hang application)
  • ZAP channels
  • Take screenshots
  • Watch live TV streams from your receiver (external video player required, for example VPlayer was test and working)
  • works remotely (just forward web port and you can connect from anywhere)


  • Enigma 1 or Enigma 2 based satellite receivers with running Web interface (WebIf)
  • Network connection between receiver and computer
  • Android 2.1 or newer
  • 1 MB of free disk space

List of receivers it was tested and working on:

– DM500
– DM500HD
– DM600
– DM7000
– DM7020
– DM7025
– DM800
– DM800SE
– DM8000
– VU+ Uno
– VU+ Duo
– AzBox Premium
– AzBox HD Elite
– AzBox Ultra HD
– Kathrein UFS 910
– IPBox 9000
– Amiko Alien
– Topfield TF 7700HD PVR
– Gigablue solo
– ClarkeTech ET9000

Thanks to all people on Satelitski forum who tested.

For best results when searching (faster response time):
– don’t search while zapped on HD channels
– don’t search while recording
– don’t search while receiver’s web interface is open in web browser
– don’t search if you have other plugins running
– generally avoid anything that slows down your receiver

Download from Android Market

You can provide translation for this app. Download existing languages (Croatian & English) to serve you as a staring point and send us back to include it in the next release.
[download id=”62″]

Thanks to Rob van der Does for Dutch language translation.
Thanks to Bamir Hasani for Albanian language translation.
Thanks to Khalid Bukhuth for French language translation.

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