Enigma Signal Meter for Android version 0.103

This is new version of Enigma Signal Meter to Android platform.

New features & improvements:

  • voice reading of signal levels
  • x86 devices support
  • tablets support / landscape support
  • show Satellite names/Service type for current service
  • added Stream port settings (for those using non standard ports in firewall)
  • smart stream port fallback (if specified streaming port is not working, application will try to find the right one)
  • Transcoding support (for receivers supporting it)
  • added new ScreenShot options (OSD only, picture only)
  • new Standby and Restart GUI commands
  • complete redesign to reflect  Google Material guidelines

Actions to speed up navigation inside the app

  • long touch on profile name to delete profile
  • long touch on service name to zap to service without switching to Signal page
  • touch on title on Bouquets page to return to Profile page
  • touch on title on Services page to return to Bouquets page
  • touch on title on Signal page to return to Services page
  • touch on screenshot picture to open it in Gallery for further processing

For best experience with Streaming we recommend using VLC


  • SUPPORTS ALL currently existing Enigma1 and Enigma2 receivers and images
  • same simple interface used for Enigma1 and Enigma2 boxes (originally they are quite different)
  • full background processing (running tasks will not hang application)
  • ZAP channels
  • Take screenshots
  • Watch live TV streams from your receiver (external video player required, for example VPlayer was test and working)
  • works remotely (just forward web port and you can connect from anywhere)


  • Enigma 1 or Enigma 2 based satellite receivers with running Web interface (WebIf)
  • Network connection between receiver and computer
  • Android 2.3 or newer
  • 20 MB of free disk space

Special thanks goest to @Bosnian Pharao | GigaBlue for support.
Thanks to all people on Satelitski forum who tested.

For best results when searching (faster response time):
– don’t search while zapped on HD channels
– don’t search while recording
– don’t search while receiver’s web interface is open in web browser
– don’t search if you have other plugins running
– generally avoid anything that slows down your receiver

Download from Android Market

Translations are most welcomed.

Source is available on GitHub


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