EPGLoad – xmltv and epg.dat import

PLi team has released xmltvimport enigma 2 plugin which allows users to load custom EPG data into enigma2 receiver.

Users can provide their own XMLTV sources or use one of many existing XMLTV providers that come with plugin. It can also reload your EPG content daily automatically, so user does not have to ever think about it again.  Because it’s CPU resources are very limited, generating will take few minutes, depending on the number of events you’re generating for.  This is main thing that kept me for using it,  i was used in loading previously build epg.dat files in a mater of seconds. Another downfall was that it was intentionally builf for PLi and installing it with all the Python dependencies was confusing for end user.

So since plugin is licensed under GPL and open source i decided to change it.  This was a bit of dirty programming but AFAIK it works.  All existing functions are kept as they were.

New features

  • installs automatically python dependencies if not found on system (no need to download and install them before)
  • modified dependencies so it can be installed on OE 1.6
  • if there already isrytec.sources.xml file it will only update it with public epg.dat providers
  • supports epg.dat type providers in sources.xml (with previous gen_xmltv provider)
  • will notify once epg.dat file is complete
  • changed status bar to display info in format: “Imported XY XML events and XY dat files
  • changed HDD_EPG_DAT path from static to variable, it will depend on existing devices, enumerated the way e2 looks for epg.dat  (depending how enigma2 was patched, loading epg from flash memory should now be possible)
  • added GEMINI_EPG_DAT – support for “gemini.epg.dat” filename  (trying to support Gemini out of the box)

xmltvimport plugin

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