Enigma Signal Meter – Zupy Edition


Small and simple Windows application for fine tuning your satellite dish with Enigma 1 and 2 based satellite reciever.  You’ll need to have computer running Windows 98 or higher with network connection to your box (internet, wifi..) web interface started on your Enigma 1 or 2 based satellite reciever and box NOT IN STANDBY.  Simply enter username, password (if needed) and IP address for your box and you’re done. Due to limitation of it’s web interface you cannot choose transponder to tune in on Enigma 2 based boxes, also signal reading is somewhat slower on Enigma 2.

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EPGLoad – xmltv and epg.dat import

PLi team has released xmltvimport enigma 2 plugin which allows users to load custom EPG data into enigma2 receiver.

Users can provide their own XMLTV sources or use one of many existing XMLTV providers that come with plugin. It can also reload your EPG content daily automatically, so user does not have to ever think about it again.  Because it’s CPU resources are very limited, generating will take few minutes, depending on the number of events you’re generating for.  This is main thing that kept me for using it,  i was used in loading previously build epg.dat files in a mater of seconds. Another downfall was that it was intentionally builf for PLi and installing it with all the Python dependencies was confusing for end user.

So since plugin is licensed under GPL and open source i decided to change it.  This was a bit of dirty programming but AFAIK it works.  All existing functions are kept as they were.

New features

  • installs automatically python dependencies if not found on system (no need to download and install them before)
  • modified dependencies so it can be installed on OE 1.6
  • if there already isrytec.sources.xml file it will only update it with public epg.dat providers
  • supports epg.dat type providers in sources.xml (with previous gen_xmltv provider)
  • will notify once epg.dat file is complete
  • changed status bar to display info in format: “Imported XY XML events and XY dat files
  • changed HDD_EPG_DAT path from static to variable, it will depend on existing devices, enumerated the way e2 looks for epg.dat  (depending how enigma2 was patched, loading epg from flash memory should now be possible)
  • added GEMINI_EPG_DAT – support for “gemini.epg.dat” filename  (trying to support Gemini out of the box)

xmltvimport plugin

[download id=”45″ format=”2″]

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W2Util 0.003

This utility will help you move services in your Enigma1 or Enigma2 settings from 15.8 degrees to 16 degrees.
Most people that do have reception of EutelsatW2 satellite has it set to 16 degrees. Switching to 15.8 leads to unnecessary problems such as “picons” incompability, problems setting up satellite receiver for a new satellite, etc…  Doing this manually is possible with few “Find/Replace” actions, but one should be very careful not to mess up other services. Instead, you can

  • download this small utility (75 KB)
  • copy it to same folder with your “lamedb” or “services” file
  • run the application (if it won’t run you should install .NET framwork 2.0 first)

It will

  • make backup of your “service”, “lamedb” and “satellites.xml” file
  • check if satellites.xml has satellite position “160”, if it doesn’t it changes satellite position “158” to “160”
  • check “lamedb” and “services” files and move all services from position “158” to “160”, making sure only positions are changed, and other service properties are left untouched
  • check you list for descriptions and change all “15.8” and “15,8” strings to “16.0” and “16,0”

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[download id=”44″ format=”2″]

DDamir RSS Reader

With this plugin you can follow RSS feeds directly from your Satellite receiver.


This plugin was developed for satellite receivers with Enigma 2 images.

Copy tar.gz file to the /tmp folder of your satellite receiver.
Telnet to the box and run following commands:

gunzip /tmp/RSS_Reader_DD_ver02.tar.gz
tar -xvf /tmp/RSS_Reader_DD_ver02.tar -C /

Restart your image to get plugin to show in the plugins list.


After running plugin you will get list of RSS feeds if you previously configured plugin.


To add or modify RSS feeds from the list use RED button to delete, GREEN button  to add and YELLOW button to modify RSS feed. When adding or modifying RSS feed you’ll have to enter name of feed you want to be displayed in the list and URL of your feed.


If you already have existing feeds.xml file simply copy it to /tmp folder on your satellite receiver and press BLUE button in the main menu. All feeds will be synchronized.

When you select feed from main menu you will get all titles for selected RSS feed. You can move trough the titles by UP/DOWN buttons and preview of the news will be available in the lower part of the form. If you want to see complete news select title with OK button.

[download id=”10″ format=”2″]

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Windows Mobile DreamControl

This application was written for Windows Mobile 6 phones with WVGA screens. It allows you to control your Enigma 2 based receiver from your mobile phone. However, since this is first release it only supports signal reading, new versions should bring some new features. You’re free to try it even if you don’t have WVGA screen, display will probably not fit and you’ll have scroll bars on the right, but application should work.

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This is small application for Windows Mobile phones that allows you to get signal levels trough web inteface of your Enigma 1 based satellite reciever. Idea was to let you fine tune signal on your satellite dish while you monitor signal oscillations on your mobile phone. You will still need to have some kind of network connection between your satellite reciever and mobile phone (wifi, internet, gprs…)

OS: Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.5
Screen: QVGA, VGA, WVGA ekran
Compact Framework 3.5 installed
1,5 MB disk space (if you don’t have enough space simply delete “Sounds” folder, but then you will not have voice reading the signal)

– display signal strength (SNR,AGC, BER, Lock, SYNC)
– possibility of choosing Satellite and Transponder you want to search.
– VOICE reading of signal levels
– sound warning when signal looses/gets  “LOCK”


Before running enter your box username, password and IP address.
Settings will be saved for next use.

– No further development (except for potential bug fixes)

[download id=”7″ format=”2″]

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Barry Allen 5.0.15 patched


This IPK package contains slightly modified version of Barry Allen plugin for Dreambox recievers based on Enigma 2. This is NOT A HACKED VERSION, it still checks if you have original or clone box. Only thing changed is that it does not check kernel version for USB support and will allow you to install it on images based on kernel versions 2.6.12 (CVS from stabile branch is based on this kernel, dev branche is on kernel versions higher than 2.6.30).

If you’re not 100 sure what you’re doing don’t install this. Use at your own risk.

If you believe this modification does not comply with some plugin license please let me know.

[download id=”5″ format=”2″]

DreamboxEdit with DVB subtitles

This is modified version of original DreamboxEdit 2.02 source. Program was modified by Fiju to support work with DVB subtitles. Supports only DVB subtitles on Enigma 1 settings. There are two ways to synchronize subtitles, one for local synchronization where you have to choose old service file containing subtitles and new services file without subtitles. It’s important to know: when you save the list in DreamboxEdit it will loose all DVB subtitles, that’s why you have to leave synchronization for the end, after you’re done modifying your settings.

Second way of synchronization is on FTP transfer. If you check “Sync subtitles”, application will automatically take services file from the box, extract DVB subtitles settings and apply it to the new settings list on the fly. After that it will automatically continue to upload new settings to the box.

For Enigma 2 based recievers you can use DreamboxEdit 3.0 version.

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Block deleted CCcam users

This script was written to work on standard Linux machine with iptables firewall installed. However, i see no reason why this script (with some modifications) wouldn’t work on any Enigma1 / Enigma2 based image with iptables installed. Idea was to block unwanted users from trying to connect to your CCcam server. directly on firewall.  There can be few reasons for this:

  • you deleted the F: line but client still tries to connect every 15 seconds
  • client has a valid login, but keeps on reconnecting every 15 seconds because his line was hacked, or simply bad connection

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CCcam offline users

Simple shell script for Dreambox recievers based on Enigma1. It will list all users existing in your CCcam.cfg which are not connected to your server (F: lines). Data is gathered from CCcam web server and compared with data in CCcam.cfg. Therefore you need to change username, password and port settings in the script to suit your CCcam configuration. For script to work you need to have


option set in your CCcam.cfg.


Copy file to your /tmp folder on Dreambox and install addon manually trough GUI.  Script will be available in your plugins menu.

[download id=”3″ format=”2″]

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