Ex-Yu fonts 0.5

This IPK package supports latest Enigma2 images – Gemini, Newnigma and Nabilo BH.  However, it’s supposed to be installed on images that already have implemented Enigma2 patch for EPG and allow automatic download of EPG trough the image itself. At this moment this is only Nabilo 0.12. In this images you don’t have to install Ex-Yu EPG download script, only thing that has to be installed is support for Ex-Yu letters “šđčćž” in fonts. Fonts currently supported are

  • nmsdb.ttf
  • nmsbd2.ttf
  • army-arial.ttf

Which AFAIK covers 90% of fonts used in skins.

Before installation all font files will be backed up, and restored after uninstall.

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Ex-Yu EPG update script

This IPK package supports latest Enigma2 images – Gemini, Newnigma and Nabilo BH versions prior to 0.12 (0.12 has this funcionality already included in the image). Installation is standard. Copy file to your /tmp folder on your satellite reciever and manually install IPK package trough the GUI of your image. After installation you will have linux shell script /usr/script/epgupdate.sh .

Script will:

  • check if /usr/bin/enigma2.sh is already patched, if not patches it depending on parameters. This will not delete any existing patches if you have it.
  • check if there is nmsbd, nmsbd2 or army-arial font in the image.  If one of them exists fonts will be “patched” so they can display letters “šđčćž”, if not user will be warned that these letters will not be displayed correctly.
  • check if cron daemon runs automatically on system startup, if not sets it to autostart
  • check if  crontba file exists. If yes adds itself to start on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 7:30. If crontab does not exist and cron parameter is ON it will create new crontab file with this rules.
  • downloads epg.dat file from internet and restarts enigma so it could reload new epg content.

Script usage

/usr/script/epgupdate.sh [medium] [restart]
Both parameters are optional. First tells the script location of Enigma2 epg file, and second one tells the script if it will be automatically restarted after EPG download.
Medium parameter can have values  “usb” and “hdd
Restart can have values 0 and 1 (default is 1)

/usr/script/epgupdate.sh hdd download on /hdd and restarts Enigma2
/usr/script/epgupdate.sh usb 0 download to USB and do not restart Enigma2

You can change parameter DefaultUsb=0 in DefaultUsb=1 if you want default medium to be USB disk inside the script itself.
Also, if you don’t want script to add itself to crontab, before first run change UseCron=1 to UseCron=0


Nabilo (version prior to 0.12)
Green button –> Blue button –>epgupdate–>OK

Menu–>Addons–>Script Executer–>epgupdate–>OK
(if not already installed Script Executer plugin will automatically be downloaded and installed)


Blue button–>Gemini Extras–>User script–>epgupdate–>OK

Script will work only if you have USB or HDD drive attached to your box.

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