SplitThisList! – Simple Enigma Settings Editor


This application will allow you to simply edit Enigma1 & Enigma2 services with only few clicks. You load the list, choose satellites you want and you’re done. All unselected satellites, empty bouquets and markers are automatically removed from the list. Delimiters (lines used to visually divide bouquets) specified in the application will be preserved even when empty.


  • Windows XP or higher
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • 20 MB of free disk space


  • supports Enigma1 & Enigma2 services (automatic detection)
  • tasks support (add,modify and delete custom tasks to process things you do often automatically)
  • direct split (load the list, choose satellites you want and load them directly, no need to define any tasks)
  • box profiles (settings for multiple receivers)
  • automatic settings checker (Address and ports turns green if connection is possible)
  • direct box download (loads settings directly from the receiver
  • direct box upload (direct split)
  • loading settings from compressed archive ZIP & RAR (searches archive automatically for settings)
  • local file support (loads services from the disk)
  • full background processing and multithreading support
  • variable file names based on currently loaded settings type and current date (%E in file name is replaced by E1 or E2, %d is replaced by current date)
  • ZIP output (if checked, result of the task will be compressed ZIP archive)
  • custom delimiters definition (choose what bouquets will be preserved even if empty)
  • multilingual support
  • option to move Eutelsat W2 position in the list from 15.8 to 16E if wanted
  • autoupdate of the application when new version is available


If required components are already installed, you can launch the application now. Otherwise, click the button below to install the prerequisites and run the application.

Changes in 0.1.2

  • new procedure to handle ZIP files

New version will be offered to update automatically to current users after first program restart.

To translate application to a new language

  • go to your Documents folder
  • go to Krkadoni\SplitThisList\Languages sub folder
  • choose language you want to translate from (for example english.txt) and copy it to a new file in the same folder (for example deutsch.txt)
  • open the file
  • everything in the square brackets [ ] should not be touched
  • everything on the left of the = should not be touched
  • everything on the right of the = should be translated
  • translations should not have leading or trailing spaces
  • file has to be in ANSI formatting (not UTF-8 or Unicode)

In the [Language] section enter the information, for example

Author=Your Name

When you start application new language will be available for selection in program settings. Once you’re done send us the file to include it in future releases.

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